COVID-19 Update

At this point, it's no secret to anyone that Covid-19 has changed life as we knew it.  Several upcoming projects I was looking forward​ to working on have been postponed until further notice and it's difficult to say exactly when those projects will be able to move forward and begin production.  Many of my friends and colleagues are in similar positions.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling some anxiety and unease about the future.  

Despite all the uncertainty, I cling to hope for a brighter future when, Lord willing, we can emerge from our state of quarantine and start to rebuild what has been lost.  This time has given me a chance to reflect inward and reassess my values moving forward.  There's a lot of hurt in the world, especially now, and I hope we can come together as a society to help one another.  Please, let us practice kindness, patience, gentleness, and compassion now more than ever. 


Below are links to a few charitable causes that have been important to me during this time, as well as some other important resources.  I know there's a lot of need out there right now and for a lot of people, it seems near impossible to give, but every little bit helps.

God bless you.  I hope to see you all again soon back in theaters and churches and restaurants at a time it is very safe to do so.


Actor - Singer - Musician - Voiceover Artist

L u k e   D a v i d s o n

photo credit: Adam Foster Jacobs


I'm a Minneapolis-based actor, singer, musician, and voiceover artist.  My passion for music began at a young age when I sang hymns and barbershop tunes with my Father and Grandfather.  I started developing a love for story telling in high school, which led me to transfer to the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley, MN.  From there, I went on to Ithaca College where I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre.  In addition to performing, I also have experience with directing, composing, and play-writing.  Welcome to my official webiste!



My church addresses the social injustice taking place in our country and offers resources on how to help while also giving uplifting messages of encouragement and choosing grace.